The Cutting-Edge STEM Automation Solution Set to Revolutionize Robotics Education - Leanbot

01 Jun, 2023

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Kuala Lumpur, 1st June 2023 - 5T3M Sdn. Bhd., a leading organization in educational initiatives, is thrilled to unveil Leanbot, the groundbreaking STEM automation solution designed to inspire and enhance students' skills in robotics and engineering. With its unique combination of real industrial parts, digital twin capability, and open hardware design, Leanbot is set to revolutionize hands-on learning and experimentation in the field of robotics.

Leanbot offers a comprehensive and engaging experience that ignites creativity and innovation for both teachers and students in the exciting world of robotics. Whether you're an educator seeking to transform your STEM curriculum or a student eager to explore the limitless possibilities of robotics, Leanbot is the ultimate tool for immersive learning.

By incorporating semi-industrial engineering components, Leanbot enables students to learn the intricacies of creating sophisticated automation systems using the same tools and techniques employed in real-world manufacturing and production processes. Its compact and versatile design also makes Leanbot suitable for a wide range of educational settings, from K-12 classrooms to college engineering labs.

"As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, 5T3M Sdn. Bhd. is excited to announce that our curriculum R&D team will be creating a series of add-on features for Leanbot," said Mr. Shoant Teoh, Director of 5T3M Sdn. Bhd. "These additional features, which will include 3D modeling and printing, will bring a new level of excitement, exploration, and creativity to the Leanbot experience. By incorporating 3D modeling and printing, students will not only gain important knowledge and skills essential for Industry 4.0 readiness but also develop competencies in creative design, meeting the demand for unique and innovative products in the market."

With the integration of 3D modeling and printing, Leanbot users will have the opportunity to design and create custom accessories and enhancements, unleashing their creativity and taking their robotic projects to new heights. This empowers students to develop skills in 3D modeling, prototyping, and creative design, which are highly valued in Industry 4.0 and the constantly evolving market.

As 5T3M Sdn. Bhd. prepares to host the Robothon Challenge 2023, Leanbot will take center stage as the cutting-edge robotics platform for participants. This dynamic tool, along with its upcoming 3D modeling and printing features, will provide students with an immersive and exciting robotics learning experience.

For more information about Leanbot and its applications in robotics education, please visit the 5T3M website at 

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