GenPro Welcomes New Batch of Licensees to its Innovative Licensing Scheme

22 Jul, 2023

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Kuala Lumpur, 21 July 2023 - GenPro, a leading educational solutions provider, is thrilled to announce its partnership with another new eight renowned educational centers to launch Gamagine, an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing gaming education in Malaysia. The signing ceremony took place on 21st July at 5T3M Academy, Starling Mall Petaling Jaya, marking a significant milestone in the transformation of the gaming education landscape.

Gamagine - Unlocking the Future of Gaming Education

The gaming industry is rapidly expanding, creating a demand for skilled professionals in game development and coding. Gamagine, developed in collaboration with 5t3m Academy, is a visionary project that addresses key challenges in gaming education, such as the need for qualified teachers and engaging content.

GenPro, in collaboration with 5t3m Academy, has partnered with eight esteemed educational centers to bring Gamagine's transformative gaming education to students across Malaysia. These centers will become vibrant hubs of talent and creativity, fostering the development of the next generation of game developers and coding enthusiasts.

The Partnered Educational Centers:

  1. My Childhood
  2. Pusat Tuition Handal
  3. Salt and Light
  4. Cuttie Cottage
  5. REED Int School
  6. Brainbuider
  7. Gerak Intelek
  8. Raudhah Islamic School

Each educational center shares the vision of providing students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge in the dynamic gaming industry. Through Gamagine, these centers aim to equip learners with hands-on experiences and expert guidance to excel in the competitive gaming education market.

Key Features of Gamagine:

Cutting-Edge Curricula: Developed by a team of experts led by Eleanor Cheah, a Master Trainer and Curriculum Developer from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon Robotic Academy, Gamagine's curricula incorporate hands-on, project-based learning methodologies to provide an engaging and impactful learning experience.

Expert Guidance: Educational centers will receive expert guidance from Jasmine Ong, an Educational Advisor and Pedagogy Trainer. Jasmine's training sessions will empower educators with effective instructional strategies to create dynamic and interactive learning environments.

Clear Learning Paths: Pamela Jan, an experienced Program Head, will strategically guide the program, ensuring clear learning paths for students and aligning with industry trends and best practices.

The partnership between GenPro, 5t3m Academy, and these nine educational centers signifies a collective commitment to shaping the future of gaming education in Malaysia. Together, they aim to prepare students for exciting career opportunities in the gaming industry.

Join the Gaming Education Revolution:

With the launch of Gamagine, these educational centers will soon begin offering cutting-edge gaming education programs. Students and parents interested in enrolling or learning more about the programs can contact the respective centers.

About GenPro:

GenPro is a leading educational solutions provider, committed to empowering the nation's youth with cutting-edge skills and knowledge. With a strong focus on innovation and collaboration, GenPro aims to revolutionize education in Malaysia and beyond.

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