GAMAGINE Junior Transforms Early Coding Education for Young Learners

25 Sep, 2023

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In a pioneering move to revolutionize early childhood education, 5T3M & Genpro Education proudly unveils GAMAGINE Junior, a cutting-edge coding course designed specifically for the brightest young minds from 4-7 years old.

Discover GAMAGINE Junior

In a world where digital skills are paramount, GAMAGINE Junior offers children a fun, engaging, and immersive experience into the universe of coding. The course empowers young learners to not just consume, but to create – from captivating games to mesmerizing animations and enthralling stories. Beyond coding, it nurtures vital life skills, fostering creativity and problem-solving aptitudes that will serve them well in any domain they venture into.

Why GAMAGINE Junior stands out

While the market offers various coding courses, few cater to the specific needs and capabilities of pre-schoolers. GAMAGINE Junior fills this gap, making it a perfect fit for kindergartens and daycare centers.

Key Features:

Inclusivity: No prior coding knowledge is necessary, ensuring all children can embark on this exciting journey.

Engagement: Through interactive modules, children aren’t just learning; they’re playing, experimenting, and most importantly, enjoying.

Holistic Development: The course cultivates critical thinking and instills a love for problem-solving.

Future-Ready Approach: In a rapidly digitizing world, starting early gives children the edge, preparing them for future challenges.

Enrollment is Open!

GAMAGINE Junior is more than a course; it's an adventure into the limitless potential of the young mind. Institutions that recognize the importance of early digital education now have the opportunity to lead the way.

To introduce GAMAGINE Junior to your center and give your students a transformative edge, get in touch with our dedicated team at 5T3M or Genpro Education 

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